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Dark Orbit Hack for Credits and Uridium

In the Bigpoint browser game Dark - Orbit, you step into the cockpit of your very own spaceship and become a fighter pilot
Take on thousands of other players in this real-time multiplayer shooter
Upgrade your spaceship with advanced weapons and defense systems
Prove your valor and skills against other players in the Dark - Orbit community
As captain you can sail your own ship into dangerous waters, sea battles and adventure
Take on scores of other pirates in this multiplayer browser game

Dark Orbit Reloaded hack

Start your pirate adventure immediately for free and without any installations at Seafight
Dark - Orbit for those that haven't heard of or played it is one of the newer releases from mmo game giant Big - Point
Basically it is kind of similar to other releases such as Seafight and Battlestar Galactica etc yet it was the space theme that attracted us to play it at first
At first look it is a pretty basic game in terms of graphics, basically what you do is sign up via email and then you are given the option of joining one of three different factions


Once you have chosen one, you are then given the most basic ship of the game and let loose to start your Dark - Orbit adventure
The first part of your playing will be all about grinding--it took us many hours of killing weak enemies until we were able to save up enough to get a decent ship and start venturing beyond the safety of the home base, you then must also worry about keeping a good stock of ammo and other supplies

Dark Orbit Credits hack

Once you have gotten yourself established with a decent ship you are then able to save up 50 thousand credits and join a clan, this is when the real Dark Orbit fun begins
You probably won't be lucky enough to join a really good clan to begin with and will have to work your way up from a smaller less established one--just make sure that it is still active within the game so as to not waste your time
Also when joining a clan--which is a good thing to do, as it enables you to be more social in the game, participate in clan wars and massive NPC raids and also you can get help and guidance from the more experienced clan members--Just make sure that you don't overly burden your clan mates

Dark Orbit Uridium hack

you can ask for some credits or something but don't beg too much other wise they might move to kick you out of the Dark - Orbit clan
After you have gained enough credits to obtain a decent ship and get into a clan, the next thing you are going to want to be getting a hold of is Uridium, which is darkorbit's most premium source of currency
You can use uridium both to purchase expensive things and to repair damaged ships
Uridium can be quite dificult to obtain however and it suggested that you seek the help and advice from your more senior clan members for the best tricks and tactics on how to get a hold of it
If you do decide to play this game, beware that a lot of the top players fork out a fair bit of money at the cash shop to stay on top each week
If you are into space orientated games then Dark - Orbit might be for you-especially if you like browser based no download type of games.

Post by dark-orbit-reloaded-hack (2014-02-04 11:07)

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